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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Franchise Fee include?

A: The Franchise Fee includes the rights to have up to all three of our brand names per location. Our brands include: The Taco Maker® Mexican food, Jake’s Over the Top® classic burgers, fries, and ice cream treats, and Mayan Juice™ fresh fruit smoothies with healthy boosters added.

By far, our most profitable outlets are those that offer our winning combination of multiple food concepts. Single concept outlets are possible where restrictive covenants may already exist.

Q: What is my total investment?

A: Investments vary depending on the type of outlet, total concepts being utilized and the equipment involved, local construction costs, etc. Other factors, such as property purchase vs. lease, also impact the answer to this question. Our Federal Disclosure Document (FDD) contains additional information on this subject.

Q: What are your royalty fees?
A: Royalties are 6% of gross sales.
See our FDD for details.

Q: Are there any other fees?
A: Yes.
There is an ongoing Advertising Fee of 3%, an Initial Advertising Fee of $3,500, and a New Store Development Fee of $5,000 on your first outlet and $3,000 on each subsequent outlet you open.

Q: What is the New Store Development (NSD) Fee?

A: This is charge for the design layout of your outlet and also to assist you in coordinating the purchase of equipment for your outlet. Using up-to-date technology, our designers will provide you with a detailed layout of your facility, showing equipment placement, work areas, seating area, etc. With this technology, you can take a colorized virtual 3D tour of your facility to see what it will be like before any money is spent on remodeling or new construction. Appropriate signage and marketing materials are also shown in this program, along with lighting effects from fixtures and natural light through windows.

Completed designs are ready for your local architect to use to prepare final blueprints for submission to your local building department.

Three competitive bids by industry contractors will also be provided based on the NSD drawing. This will allow you to proceed with any financing work you may need to do.

Q: What is the Initial Advertising Fund (IAF) and what is it used for?

A: These funds are placed into a trust account to be used specifically for the initial promotion of each individual outlet. This will include your initial and Grand Opening. Specifying the amount as a fee will allow you incorporate that figure into your financing package.

Q: How is the 3% Advertising Fund used?

A: These funds are broken down into national and local advertising efforts. One percent (1%) of your gross sales is designated for participation in our National Advertising Program. This will include all of the promotional POP signage, etc. needed for each promotional wave. Local Advertising effort consists of two percent (2%) of your gross sales.

Q: Once I have been accepted as a Franchisee, how long will the process take?

A: With your signed Agreement, a full time line is prepared for you that covers from start to finish. Many things will need to get done simultaneously; site approval, lease negotiations, training, financing, and construction are often the primary time-consuming factors. Once your site has been approved and any lease negotiations concluded, the construction / remodeling time typically takes between 120-180 days. Our operational training (21 days) is usually scheduled approximately one month prior to the opening of your outlet to allow you to move right into pre-opening preparations, including the hiring and training of additional team members to staff your outlet.

Q: Do you help with site selection?

A: We will assist you in this process by providing current information on sites available in your area. All sites must be approved by us prior to the development of any site. We also provide a New Site Selection Kit designed to assist you with your selection process. We will also assist you with any lease negotiations.

Q: How big of a space will I need?

A: This will depend upon the type of outlet being pursued (freestanding, in-line, food court, or C-store). Food court spaces that have common eating areas require less space than freestanding units with drive-thru windows. In many cases, our franchisees lease existing facilities that are remodeled to meet our specifications. A member of our Franchise Development Team will assist you in such efforts.

Q: Am I given a protected territory?

A: As part of the site approval process, we take into account any special market conditions, population density and growth patterns surrounding each location individually, including what effect any new location may have on any existing locations. We want to insure that each outlet will have a sufficient balance of business needed to be successful, and will not jeopardize any existing outlets.

Q: What are the policies for alcohol sales and licensing?

A: As a general rule, alcoholic beverages are not allowed in our outlets. Exceptions can be made depending on numerous factors, including but not limited to the country and place to be established.

Q: Do I receive guidance on purchasing food and supplies?

A: Yes. Top quality products are crucial to our concept. Many products are proprietary to us and have been so specified with our distributor. Using our collective buying power, our Purchasing Coordinator will provide you with a full purchasing and distribution program that will enable you to order top quality products at competitive prices.

Q: What sort of training and support should I expect?

A: Franchisees and their designated operational managers must attend and successfully complete all of our training programs. This begins with a correspondence course designed to help orient you to our systems and terminology and to help us understand your individual needs. The Taco Maker “U” is our operational training course held at one of our corporate offices. It is a 21-day course full of hands-on and practical everyday experiences that will help you become a successful franchisee.

We do not charge for the training, and all materials are provided. However, travel expenses, hotel accommodations, and employee compensation are your responsibility. You may invite as many people as you wish to attend the training with you, and it is available to be repeated at any time.

Q: Do I receive assistance in opening my restaurant?

A: Yes. In addition to our initial headquarter training, we also assist you with the initial opening of your outlet. You will have an experienced member of our Operations Team work with you and your staff before, during, and after your unit opens. Ongoing training and support is also provided for your continued success.


We have attempted to answer the most commonly asked questions about The Taco Maker® / Jake’s Over the Top® / Mayan Juice™ franchise program, but you may have questions we have not addressed above. If so, please contact us at 1-787-273-3160 for further details.

Please note- the information contained above is of a general nature; the FDD is the only official offering document for the acquisition of a Taco Maker® / Jake’s Over the Top® / Mayan Juice™ Franchise.