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Step 1: Complete and Submit the Request for Consideration Submitting this Request for Consideration tells us more about you and your intentions for acquiring a Taco Maker® / Jake’s Over the Top® / Mayan Juice™ franchise. After we receive this information, we will send you an information package as well as a franchise application.

Step 2: Complete a Franchise Application and Financial Statement We require you to have liquid assets of between $70,000 and $150,000 with a total net worth of at least $250,000. The Franchise Application should include your information and that of any partners you may have.

Step 3: Initial Application Review and Processing When we receive your completed Franchise Application and Business Profile, we initiate background, character, and credit checks to verify all submitted information, and you will be informed promptly of our decision.

Step 4: Disclosure Once we have reviewed your credit and background reports, if approved, you will be given a copy of our Federal Disclosure Document (FDD). The FTC requires that we have proof of your receipt of our FDD. A receipt page is provided for this purpose. A member of our Franchise Development Team will follow up with you to answer any questions you may have. If possible we would like to set up a Discovery Day for you at one of our corporate offices, where we can answer any remaining questions and show you how the entire process works.

Step 5: Deposit Agreement After you have reviewed the FDD for a minimum of fifteen (15) days, “Exhibit D” of that document is our Deposit Agreement. A deposit of $10,000 along with a completed Deposit Agreement will need to be sent to The Taco Maker, Inc. at P.O. Box 362888, San Juan, PR 00936-2888. Upon execution of the final Franchise Agreement, the Deposit is applied towards the total Franchise Fee.

Step 6: Execution of Documents A Franchise Agreement will be sent to you for your signature. Upon execution of that document, and remittance of the balance of the Franchise Fee, Development Fee and Initial Advertising Trust Deposit, arrangements will be made to continue with the site selection and approval process.

Step 7: Site Selection & Approval We will assist you in the site selection process as much as possible. After you have selected your site, you must submit a complete Site Evaluation Report and request approval. Management will then review your information and may travel to look at the site. You will be notified of approval after the physical visit of you site. We will also assist you, if needed, in either the property purchase or lease negotiation process to secure your site.

Step 8: Training After your projected opening date has been established you and your operating managers will be scheduled to attend our management training program, which involves 21 days of training at one of our corporate offices and nearby facilities. Prior to that training you will receive a CD containing our operations and training manuals and our initial correspondence course, which is designed to help orient you to some of our terminology as well as to let us know what specific help you may need during the headquarter training. You must complete the entire training program and become certified as a Taco Maker® / Jake’s Over the Top® / Mayan Juice™ operator before you will be allowed to open your outlet.

Step 9: Pre-Opening As with most new restaurant openings, a member of our Operations Team will be there to support you prior to and through the initial opening and assist with additional staff training.

Step 10: Continued Support We will continue to assist and support you in the areas of purchasing, marketing, business development, and information technologies through direct and individualized training efforts, through regular conference meetings, outlet visits, and in many other ways that have proven to be successful in making The Taco Maker® / Jake’s Over the Top® / Mayan Juice™ one of the best franchise operations in existence today.